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V4i-1200 1200m with Bluetooth Function Helmet Interphone Headsets

V4i-1200 1200m with Bluetooth Function Helmet Interphone Headsets


Магазин:Banggood INT 2

USD 89

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V4i-1200 1200m Bluetooth Interphone Headsets for Motorcycle Helmet Description: 1.The Bluetooth system that allows the max. call distance between two riders up to 1,200m and actually realizes the fully duplex wireless communication among four riders 2. Working speed above 120km/h 3. Automatic and safe receiving of mobile phone calls 4. Master control Bluetooth CSR BC5 scheme available 5. Advanced A2DP EDR Bluetooth function available 6. Strong stereo music/audio available (mobile phone/MP3/GPS with A2DP For transmission) 7. DSP noise reduction function 8. Inbuilt polymer lithium battery with capacity up to 500mA 9. Standby 240h 10.Continuous call or music playing above 8h 11.Charging time around 3h Package Included: 1 x Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset 1 x Microphone Headset (50CM) 1 x 2-Flat-Pin Plug Power Adapter (100~240V) 1 x USB Cable (50CM) 1 x Installation Parts Kit 1 x Multi-Language User Manual

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