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Shoulder And Back Posture Brace Spine Support Corrector

Shoulder And Back Posture Brace Spine Support Corrector


Магазин:Banggood INT 2


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Features: Light weight and breathable. Pull back the shoulders and straighten the spine. Correct poor posture and reshape your chest. Correct scoliosis and other malformed spinal curvatures. Relieve back pains, shoulder pains,and headaches caused by gesture problem. Make you elegant and beauty with confidence. Great for office workers, video gamers and suitable for yoga and fitness enthusiasts. Specifications: Size: L: 75 - 80 cm (under bust) M: 70-75 cm (under bust) Material: Stretchy nylon-spandex blends Package Included: 1 x Shoulder Corrector Notes: 1. Please allow slight measurement difference. 2. Please wash it by hands and air dry.

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