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This Battery is for the laptop with the Part Number for asus 90-NDK1B1000. To find out more part Number the battery compatible with,please check the description below Item Specification: Voltage: DC 14.8V Capacity:4400mAh Components: 8 Cell Dimension: 267.60*49.20*21.22mm Weight : 392g Condition: Brand New Replacement Product, works as Genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible.. Warranty: Full 3 years warranty. Replace Part Number: A41-A3 A42-A3 A41-A6 ,A42-A6 70-NA51B1100, 70-NA51B2100, 70-NCG1B1000, 70-NDK1B1200, 70-NFH7B1000, 70-NFH5B2200, 70-NCG1B3000, 90-NA51B1000, 90-NA51B2000, 90-NA51B2100, 90-NA51B2200 90-NA52B2000, 90-NA71B1100, 90-NCG1B1000, 90-NCG1B1010, 90-ND01B1000, 90-NDK1B1000, 90-NDM1B1000, 90-NFJ1B1000, 90-NFL6B2100, 90-NFPCB1001, 90-NFPCB2000, 90-NFPCB2001, 90-NG31B1000, 90-NH73B1000Z, 90-NHJ9B1000Z, 90-NIL1B2000 Compatible Models: ASUS A3 Series A3AC, A3E, A3FC, A3FP, A3G, A3H, A3HF, A3L, A3N, A3VC, A3VP ASUS A6 Series A6E, A6F, A6G, A6J, A6JA, A6JC, A6JE, A6JM, A6K, A6KM, A6KT, A6L, A6M, A6N, A6NE, A6R, A6RP, A6T, A6TC, A6U, A6V, A6VA, A6VC, A6VM ASUS A7 Series A7C, A7CD, A7D, A7DB, A7DC, A7F, A7G, A7GB, A7GC, A7J, A7JB, A7JC, A7K, A7M, A7MB, A7MC, A7S, A7SV, A7T, A7TB, A7TC, A7U, A7V, A7VB, A7VC ASUS A3000 Series A3000, A3000E, A3000G, A3000L, A3000N ASUS A6000 Series A6000GA, A6000J, A6000JA, A6000L, A6000N, A6000NE, A6000R, A6000U, A6000V, A6000VA, A6000VC, A6000VM ASUS G1 Series G1S ASUS G2 Series G2P, G2PC, G2S, G2K, G2PB, G2SG ASUS Z91, Z9100 Series Z9100, Z9100E, Z9100ER, Z9100G, Z9100L, Z9100N, Z91E, Z91ER, Z91G, Z91L, Z91N, ASUS Z92, Z9200 Series Z9200G, Z9200L, Z9200Ne, Z9200U, Z92J, Z92JC, Z92R, Z92T, Z92V, Z92VC, Z92VM, ASUS A3500L ASUS A38N Package included: 1* Asus 8cell Battery

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