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Cycling Goggle Sport Sunglasses Outdoor Eyewear UV400

Cycling Goggle Sport Sunglasses Outdoor Eyewear UV400


Магазин:Banggood INT 2

USD 18

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Specification: Frame Material: Military engineered resin Lens Material: Polycarbonate Frame Color: Red&Black Features: From Coolchange's excelent designe with strong function including dustproof, windproof, bulletproof, 100% ultraviolet-proof(UV400) and impact resistance applied to both male and female, and it has outstanding performence in a great deal of situations such as cycling, hiking, walking outdoor, skiing, surfing, shooting and so on. It offers 6 classic lenses: light brown coated lens, grey mercury coated lens, transparent colorful coated lens, light blue lens, brightness yellow lens and deep grey polaried lens, that satisfy your further need. Package includes: 1x Glasses case 1x Glasses cloth 1x Glasses bag 1x Glasses rope 1x Glasses frame 1x Sport band 6x Pairs of lenses 1x Inner frame for shorsighted lenses

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