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9 in 1 Electric Soldering Tools Set With Iron Stand Desolder Pump

9 in 1 Electric Soldering Tools Set With Iron Stand Desolder Pump


Магазин:Banggood INT 2

USD 10

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Description : 9 in 1 Electric Soldering Starter Tool Set With Iron Stand Desolder Pump If you want to learn how to soldering, this starter soldering kit will get you off to a great start . This starter soldering kit is the ideal solution for all hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts who need a reliable device with all necessary functions already integrated. Whether you need to repair electronic equipment, RC toys, circuit boards, or just simply want to be creative, this complete set will allow any project to be finished quickly and easily, and it is convenient storage when not in use. It will be a great and nice gift for your electrical hobby work, or teach your friend/son who also want to learn how to soldering, and sure you will enjoy this tiny price from banggood :) Specification : Soldering Iron Length : Approx.25cm Solder Desoldering Pump Length : Approx.19.2cm-(7.5") Tweezers Length : Approx.11cm Soldering Stand Size : 13cm(L) x 8.7cm(W) x 1.8cm(H) Power : 30W Power Supply : 220 - 240V Soldering iron with 30W power and replaceable tip ( SKU201781 ) How to solder : ) 1. Heat the part with the soldering tip. 2. Apply rosin-based solder to the part and melt it with the soldering tip. 3. Wait for the solder to cool and harden before moving the soldered part. Package include : 1 x Electronic 30W (220-240V) Soldering Iron (US plug, but will comes with an adapter according to your country) (You can also buy a seperate soldering iron with the plug you want) 1 x Insulated Soldering Stand 1 x Solder Desoldering Pump 1 x Stainless Steel PCB Fine Pointed Tweezers 2 x Screwdriver ( + and - ) 1 x Cleaning Sponge 1 x Solder Wire 1 x Rosin Details pictures :

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