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LOCSTAR S61 Fully Automatic 3D Face Recognition Tuya Wifi Smart Fingerprint Lock Anti-theft Password Lock(Rose Gold)
LOCSTAR S61 Fully Automatic 3D Face Recognition Tuya Wifi Smart Fingerprint Lock Anti-theft Password Lock(Rose Gold)
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1. 3D face recognition, financial payment level security (automatic face recognition relies on infrared detection of the human body to start recognition. When outsiders are detected multiple times in a short period of time, for safety and power saving considerations, the system will turn off the infrared automatic detection function , you need to manually wake up the numeric keyboard panel. After the face recognition is successful, the function will be automatically restored.)2. It comes with an infrared night vision system, which can automatically adjust the light to fill in the light, and can quickly recognize faces even in dark corridors.3. 4-inch IPS high-definition large screen cat-eye, wider and clearer field of view, making it easy to see visitors outside the door. Ultra-wide-angle camera, children don’t need to stand on tiptoes and tall ones don’t need to bend down4. The doorbell turns on video intercom and can be remotely unlocked with one click. After the visitor presses the doorbell, the intercom video pops up from the camera and is pushed to the mobile phone. After the owner confirms the information, he can communicate via video intercom or remotely unlock the door.5. No need for gateway WI-FI direct connection, remote intelligent control via mobile APP, and real-time viewing of door lock status.6. Push-pull structure design steel, minimalist style glass panel7. Multiple unlocking methods: face/fingerprint/password/IC card/Bluetooth APP/mechanical key8. APP functions: administrator authorization/electronic key/password management;9. 6068 lock body, close the door and lift the handle to lock. It adopts 304 stainless steel all-steel lock body, which is anti-saw, anti-collision and anti-rust. It can be installed on most door types, with stable performance and high safety.10. Alarm function: anti-tamper alarm/low battery alarm/multiple input error alarm/door ajar alarmParameter:1. Supported mobile phone systems: ANDROID 4.3/IOS7.0 or above2. Power supply method: 7.4V lithium battery 4200 mAh3. Emergency power supply: 5V (MICRO USB)4. Low battery alarm voltage: 7.2V5. Voltage range: 4.5~9V6. Standby current: less than 70 microamps7. Working current: less than 2A (average value)8. Unlocking time: about 1.5 seconds9. Keyboard standard: 14 keys10. Number of passwords: less than 100 groups (administrator No. 1, users No. 2-100)11. Networking method: WIFI12. Applicable door types: wooden doors/security doors13. Applicable door thickness: 45-120MM14. Card type: MIFARE M1 card15. Number of IC cards: less than 100 groups (2~100 numbered users)16. Fingerprint head type: semiconductor fingerprint head17. Fingerprint capacity: 99 groups (2~100 numbered users)18. False recognition rate (FAR): less than 0.001%19. True rejection rate (FRR): less than 1.0%20. Data storage type: cloud storage