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Jeneca XP-05 Small Aquarium External Waterfall Filter, CN Plug
Jeneca XP-05 Small Aquarium External Waterfall Filter, CN Plug
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1. Power: XP-03: 2.5W, XP-05: 3W, XP-09: 3.5W, XP-11: 4.2W, XP-13: 4.8W2. Flow rate: XP-03: 160L/H, XP-05: 180L/H, XP-09: 200L/H, XP-11: 260L/H, XP-13: 290L/H3. Shrinkage height: XP-03: about 17cm, XP-05/XP-09/XP-11/XP-13: about 25cm4. Extension height: XP-03: about 22cm, XP-05/XP-09: about 38cm, XP-11: about 45cm, XP-13: about 53cm5. Suitable for fish tank length: XP-03: within 30cm, XP-05/XP-09: within 40cm, XP-11: within 60cm, XP-13: within 90cm6. Power cord length: about 1.4m (about 1.2m for XP-03)7. Size: XP-03: about 8.8 x 8 x 22cm, XP-05: about 14 x 5 x 38cm, XP-09: about 18 x 5 x 38cm, XP-11: about 23.5 x 5 x 46cm, XP-13: about 29.3 x 5 x 54cmFeatures:1. Simulation of waterfall effect, strong power, wider water outlet table, gentle water discharge2. Filter box in addition to the filter plate, but also designed to reserve space for other filter materials, the filter plate can also be directly removed to replace other materials, according to different needs to improve the filtering effect3. With water adjustment valve, free to adjust the size of the water flow4. Oil film processor can easily adsorb oil film and floating objects on the water surface, so that the water surface is cleaner, oil film suction head with the water level self-floating, can automatically adjust up and down / rotation5. No iron loss, no magnetic damping motor, energy saving, low noise operation6. Bottom fixed buckle, convenient and practical, can adjust the position of the filter, play a role in fixing the filter box7. Transparent shell design, easy to observe the use of8. Wall-mounted design, easy to installNote: the first time you need to fill up the water to normal use