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DTECH DT-5019 USB to RS485 / RS422 Conversion Cable, FT232 Chip, Length: 1.5m
DTECH DT-5019 USB to RS485 / RS422 Conversion Cable, FT232 Chip, Length: 1.5m
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1. Interface compatibility: RS422/RS485 standard2. Working mode: asynchronous differential transmission (half full duplex)3. Transmission rate: 300-3000000bps4. Environmental protection level: 600W lightning surge protection for each line of RS485 interface5. Transmission medium: twisted pair (wire diameter above 0.5mm) or shielded wire6. Signal indication: red light power, green light sending signal, yellow light receiving signal7. Support system: WindowsXP, WIN7, WIN8, WIN10, also use Windows series, MacOS, Linux and other systems8. Transmission distance: 1200 meters at the RS422/485 end, and the USB cable is no more than 5 meters9. Length: about 0.5/1.5mFeatures:1. It has a wide range of applications and meets different needs. It is suitable for the connection of various RS485/RS422 devices on the computer, two-way mutual data transmission, both USB to RS485/RS422 and RS485/RS422 to USB2. Dual chip design, better performance, stable communication signal, built-in CP2102+SP485 chip, plus TVS diode protection, support RS485/422 protocol equipment long-distance transmission, durable3. It can connect 256 RS485/RS422 devices, point-to-multipoint, each converter can connect 256 RS422 or RS485 interface devices, and the data communication baud rate range is 300-3000000bps4. The converter has zero-delay automatic transmission and reception conversion to ensure high-speed data transmission and no delay in data transmission, ensuring faster signal operation, and providing a reliable connection for communication5. Three kinds of data indicator display, easy to see the working status6. With filter magnetic ring, signal transmission is more stable7. Select 28/24WG thick tinned copper core, plus multi-layer shielding, signal transmission is more stable8. Support multiple technologies, compatible with USB2.0, RS485, RS422 standard protocols, automatically judge and control the data transmission direction, and automatically detect the serial port signal baud rate